Free downloads
  • Lace Droid (Android) >Download (ROOT is required)
  • Lace Level2 (Linux) >Download (Single node - Max 250GB partitions)
  • Lace Defrag (Windows) >Request (by Mail) (80GB demo. Optional upgrade to 4TB)
  • Lace Watcher DEMO (Windows) >Download Total 1TB support, and max partition of 250GB
Purchase (Download instructions will follow the "Thank You" message)
  • Lace Level 2 (Windows) (Single Windows user)
  • Lace Level 2 (Windows Administrator) (Windows admin tool)
  • Lace Watcher 5 TB (Windows) ( 49.99$ Promotion price)
  • Lace Watcher 10 TB (Windows) ( 300$ only if bought here))