Disorder level of critical computers

The view of disorder in storage devices is an on-going "Wisdom of the Crowds" process. It is based on anonymous feedback from all the users. Lace Watcher product shows (In the attached chart) the BLUE columns of the global distribution, and in RED the calculated rank of your disks. Please note that a diversion of the RED columns over the BLUE might show potential problems.

Monitor disks fragmentation level

Every line in the next sample is a disk in computer. Please note that is this sample only the group of SSD devices were filtered. The column titles are sensitive, and enable sorting the view as required.

Alerts submitted and proactive maintenance

- When a station cannot be accessed, either because it is powered off, or have a server access problem
- A First level alert is submitted to the nominated mail receiver. When the fragmentation level of a disk is higher than the value requested for this disk
- Instead of sending alert, the is an option to start fragmentation process on user's machine.
- A second level alert is submitted when remote de-fragmentation option was chosen, but the process did not improve user's disk.
- Alerts can be directed to any known Asset Management software

Data Security and History

Run under Administrator credentials to log-in to the client's machine in order to install a Service only for the duration of the process.

Alerts and statistical calls are services initiated through normal HTML call in order to benefit the dynamic analysis received by anonymous users. In case of a conflict with installation security standards, the CGI source can be supplied and run in-house. Local mail system can be used instead of Disklace service

All activity log can be access when the system is not active

Every disk has a separate log file in a format that allows on-line status and utilization history