Fragmentation level Measurement in different platforms

Windows user

The first 300,000 users have received this program free - for we have developed the algorithm with their support.

Check the fragmentation of your local disks and the OUTLOOK repository. You will get an answer how bad is your situation, and if you decide to clean your computer manually - will assist you measuring how you have performed.

Windows administrator

Running as an administrator you have the option to check remote computers. The user is not aware that his station is being checked. Heavy calculations are not performed on the user's machine. The data structure is transferred (and not kept)to the administrator machine.

OUTLOOK support

Outlook files are considered as storage device. You will get the disorder rank of those files - before you start suffering from performance degradation.

Linux fragmentation measurement

A line mode application, capable of measuring all Linux file formats. Limited to 250GB disks. Users that are interested in larger disks - Please contact.

Lace Droid - ANDROID support

Although Android disks are still very limited in capacity - we believe that it will soon claim its real position. The symptoms of an Android devices that is not functioning is probably familiar to all the users. In many cased the reason is not a lake of space - but the disorder on the storage device. You need to have a ROOTed device (Superuser capability) in order to run Lace Droid. We hope that the companies preparing the system build packages will consider adding this tool to their platform - and allow all their user to use it.

versions available

The quooted price is for a single copy.

Local disks and OUTLOOK files fragmentation measurement - 14.99$

Administrator tool for remotely check disks and OUTLOOK files - 29.99$

Linux fragmentation measurement - Up to 250GB partitions - FREE

Android fragmentation measurement - Superuser need to be available - FREE

For other requirement and OEM option - Please contact us